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We Love Nurses!

Through the pandemic, we discussed the topic of burnout quite often. While this has always been at the core of LIFE's mission, burning out of the healthcare profession seemed to be an epidemic all on its own.

Leaving In Droves

According to Healthcare Dive, 68% of nurses felt unsatisfied with their jobs, and 2/3rds were considering leaving their profession in December of 2021. Overall, there has been a sharp increase in the number of nurses leaving their field, leaving a huge void in the healthcare community.

Why Does This Matter?

Think about the last time you were in the hospital or doctor's office. How much time, or how many times did you see the doctor compared to the nurse? Chances are, you spent more - if not significantly more - time with the nurse than with the doctor. BMC Health Services notes a study that concludes "Time nurses spend in direct care activities has been identified as a determinant of better patient outcomes and fewer errors." This only goes to the point that nurses are essential to our healthcare system.

How LIFE is Helping

Our mission at LIFE is "...reducing burnout and suicide rates of frontline medical personnel. We are founded in the belief that every person deserves to have fulfillment and sustained happiness throughout their lives. We believe that we can achieve this by educating about self-care, as well as providing opportunities for mental health care and support." We achieve this in several ways:

- personal protection equipment drives at the beginning of the pandemic

- meals delivered to emergency department staff during holidays

- handmade gifts for hospital staff

- donations made to other nonprofits to support healthcare

- thank you notes for hospital staff

- appreciation parties sponsored for healthcare workers

- free crisis support and therapy sessions

- emphasis on mentorship within the workplace

What's Next

We love supporting healthcare workers in these ways, but our goals are much bigger! As LIFE continues to grow, we are excited to expand into:

- medical school clubs

- hosting the first Revive Gala fundraiser

- instituting a scholarship for nursing students

Join Us!

If supporting healthcare workers is something you're passionate about, join us! Visit our contact page and get in touch - we always need volunteers as well as sponsors for our fundraising events. And we love connecting with healthcare workers too - so reach out and tell us about what you're struggling with, or what you'd like to learn more about, we're here to help.

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