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Dr. Windsor is a graduate of Midwestern University Medical School AZCOM and is trained in Emergency Medicine (EM). She currently resides in Paradise Valley and is married with three children and three dogs.​ Dr. Windsor has been practicing since 2009 and is the former EM Clinical Site Director, CME, and Education Director for her physician group. She is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix and a Clinical Assistant Professor at Midwestern University AZCOM. During the pandemic, she has supported her peers and physicians by becoming the ACEP National Wellness Spokesperson, a Peer and Litigation Coach for Envision Physician Services, and a Peer Coach for the Arizona Medical Association. 


As a leader in EM, Dr. Windsor prefers to use her experience and expertise by treating her patients, colleagues, and learners with an all-encompassing approach that focuses on wellness and mentorship. She believes that the teacher and learner should be supported from a point of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness in order to provide patients and learners with the best quality experience. It is with her passion for positive psychology and her undergraduate degree in psychology that she was inspired to become the founding president L.I.F.E., a nonprofit organization.


Living In Fulfilled Enlightenment, LLC (L.I.F.E.) which is a 501c3 organization that focuses on supporting the well-being of professionals and members through various wellness, education, and life enhancement opportunities. She believes that in order to reach optimal individual performance a person must be supported in all areas of wellness in a manner that suits their personal needs and strengths. She enjoys educating from a state of fulfillment, which allows her to facilitate a new culture of medicine that is caregiver driven resulting in enriched patient experience. She currently serves as Presidentfor the Arizona Chapter of Emergency Physicians (AzCEP) and founding chairwoman of the Wellness Committee for the Arizona Chapter. Dr. Windsor is also the CEO of Doctor Housecalls of Paradise Valley, LLC.

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Mara Windsor

L.I.F.E. Founder and President

L.I.F.E. Vice President 

Blake Marum

Tyler Sholl

Secretary & Director of Philanthropy

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Tyler began her self-care journey shortly before her career at Arizona State. After a medical mission in Managua, Nicaragua she decided she wanted to devote time to teaching mindfulness and self-care to others, and joining LIFE was a natural fit!

Beginning her role in LIFE as the director of philanthropy, in addition to her former roles as project manager and vice president; Tyler has planned and executed many events to honor front liners and raise money for suicide awareness. She continues to focus her attention on the community and all hospital staff by promoting opportunities for growth in mental, physical, and emotional health.

We are so grateful for all that Tyler does for LIFE!

Tyler earned her M.A. in Biomedical Sciences at Midwestern University and is an ASU Graduate with a B.S. in Neurobiology, Behavior, and Physiology. She is on the path to medical school to pursue her dream of becoming a physician. Tyler is a part of the team at Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital and is a former medical scribe at John C. Lincoln and Deer Valley Emergency Departments.

Director of Outreach & Newsletter Developer

Melissa Abitt


Neil Reithinger

Chief Financial Officer

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Neil is the Founder and Managing Director of Eventus Advisory Group, LLC. He is an experienced CFO and CPA with 25+ years of diversified practice in a broad range of industries including life sciences, consumer products, energy services, and manufacturing. 

Neil’s expertise in accounting and drive for efficiency has led him to successfully create initiatives that streamline finance and accounting processes and corporate governance, establish and maintain SEC compliance programs, develop capital markets strategies, restructure and optimize operations and spearhead due diligence for financings and acquisitions. He has strong leadership and administrative skills, experience in building efficient processes and managing and developing an accounting and finance team. Neil is a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, classic cars, cooking and working out.

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