Meet Our Emotional Support Team

Carla Rotering, MD, MA

 Carla is a Critical Care doctor and Pulmonologist who also is certified in Spiritual Psychology and Leadership Development. She assists professionals in leadership development, mentorship, and self-mastery. She is currently seeing patients during this pandemic.

The Arizona Trauma Response Network is offering free sessions to medical professionals and first responders.

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Therese Martell-Bosshardt, CLC

Therese has vast experience working with first responders and physicians utilizing the HeartMathTM stress reduction techniques and Resiliency training to combat burnout and PTSD.

Janine Faux, LAC

Janine is a AzTRN member who believes in being positive, present, and having a realistic plan for change. She uses EMDR interventions as part of the frontline trauma response and recovery.

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Mara Windsor, DO, FACEP

Mara is an Emergency Medicine doctor with un undergraduate degree in Psychology who is currently seeing patients during this pandemic. She also serves as a Chief Wellness Officer to her colleagues and is undergoing Peer Coach Training through the Arizona Medical Association.

Kathleen Thoren, MA, CLL

Kathleen teaches you how your deepest emotional traumas can become your greatest assets for happiness and achievement. She is a Pastoral Counselor, and specializes in teaching the Engaged Living Experience.

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"The Emotional Support Team was designed to provide an all-inclusive approach to the various emotional and wellness needs in support of the First Responders and Frontline Heroes. With these hand-picked coaches and medical professionals, we feel confident that they can provide an all-encompassing approach to support the well-being of the frontliners who are caring for our communities during this pandemic. Such approaches will include mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support in order to enhance our innate resiliency skills and our ability to thrive."

Dr. Mara Windsor, Founder of L.I.F.E.

"A true hero is not measured by their strength, but by the size of their heart!" 

Zeus, Hercules