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Embracing Your Inner Masculinity

This month we're excited to explore the idea of our divine masculinity. We all have both feminine and masculine energies, and learning how to identify them and embrace them can help us to better manage our lives as we become in tune with ourselves.

What Is Divine Masculinity

Not to be confused with the everyday version of the word masculine, divine masculinity is the energy that is tied to logic, responsibility, purpose, leadership, and strength. It is the inner warrior. On the other side, the divine feminine is more closely linked to nurturing, creativity, justice, empathy, intuition, healing, and spirituality. Regardless of gender, each person has both energies within them and our life experiences can deeply affect which energy is more prominent in our lives.

Why Explore Divine Masculinity?

Being open to and working to embrace and awaken our inner masculinity is important for several reasons. First, addressing past hurts that may have influenced our masculine energy can be extremely healing. Embracing masculine energy can also help to strengthen our responses in other areas of our lives. Having a more logical approach to problem-solving, finding a deeper purpose to tasks, and developing strong leadership skills are all benefits of masculine energy.

How to Awaken Masculine Energy

There are several steps to take to awaken the divine masculine. Identifying and healing wounds associated with masculine energy, taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, and analyzing our conditioned thoughts around what it means to be masculine are all steps in the direction of awakening and embracing that energy.

Want to Learn More?

Click on some of the links below to discover more about divine masculinity and how we can learn and grow through embracing it.

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