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Overcommitment and Self-Care During the Holidays

Do you feel overwhelmed during the holidays about making it perfect and filled with

happiness for others, while jeopardizing your own health and happiness? Holiday seasons are filled with hustle and bustle. From making time for your family to hosting events, the most wonderful time of the year can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Therefore, it becomes essential to look after yourself and prioritize your needs.

Overcommitment can be difficult to manage. It’s easy to think when hosting for the holidays that it is your responsibility for others' happiness, so they can make beautiful memories. It is critical to realize that you are not responsible for others' happiness, and it is completely fine to set healthy boundaries. It may feel very uncomfortable to set these boundaries, but you also cannot neglect yourself in the process.

The holiday season becomes about taking care of others, which leaves no time to look after oneself. Here are some self-care tips from Harvard Medical School that you can follow this holiday season:

  • Take out time to practice self-care activities such as exercising, meditation, or a hobby you enjoy.

  • Journal what you appreciate in life about yourself and others.

  • Practice mindfulness to be in the present moment and find appreciation for the little things that bring you joy.

  • Engage in deep breathing exercises to relax from negative thoughts

  • Practice gratitude and let others know how they add meaning to your life.

Remember, It is completely fine to say no when you don’t feel like it. If you do not want to go to an event or host an event, then you do not have to. It is not worth jeopardizing your mental and physical health. Putting yourself before others becomes essential during these times.

Journaling Challenge

Journaling your thoughts, whether negative or positive, can be extremely helpful during the holiday season. It can reinforce your priorities and also help you to control your emotions, which may also be impacting your physical and mental health. It becomes essential to look after yourself, so you can also enjoy the holiday season and make memories. Here’s an article that talks about journaling and its benefits. Let us know how it enhances your daily routine!


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