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What is EMDR Therapy? Janine Faux Explains.

We are so grateful to have Janine Faux, LPC explain to us what EMDR therapy is and how she utilizes it with her patients Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy treatment utilized to reduce the effects of trauma by letting the mind process!

In Janine's words, EMDR helps patients "notice past traumatic or difficult experiences to gain an understanding of the present. Simultaneously we will work toward acceptance and creating healthy patterns of adaptive thinking and behavior, creating positive change going forward." Click to watch these short interviews with Janine while she explains how EMDR works in her own words.

Janine has graciously donated sessions with frontline workers! Please visit her website and submit a request - be sure to note that you heard about her from LIFE!

Janine Faux, Be. Counseling

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