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Transforming Limiting Beliefs; LIFE Ambassador Jerome Midstokke's Inspiring Story

During the month of April, we are taking a look at the beliefs that we hold about ourselves - specifically, the beliefs that are holding us back from reaching our full potential. When we can transform those beliefs that limit us, we can unlock better health, better relationships, and a fulfilling life.

In the quest for transforming those limiting beliefs, we wanted to bring you an inspirational story from one of our own. Jerome Midstokke, a LIFE ambassador, has risen above the challenging circumstances that surrounded him. Anyone living his story would be extremely challenged not to have personal beliefs that held them back in life. Except Jerome has taken the tough hand he was dealt and turned it into a beautiful and motivating life story. We are all inspired by his spirit every day, and we know you'll find his story uplifting as well.

Tough Beginnings

As a foster child since the age of 2 when both of his parents were incarcerated, Jerome and his brothers spent the rest of their youth in the foster system. His upbringing inspired him to work to be in control of his own destiny; the only thing bigger than Jerome's dreams were his willingness to work hard to see them come true.

Next Stop, Arizona

Jerome worked to find any scholarship, grant, aid, and support from teachers and counselors, he could in order to make a college career at Arizona State University possible. He sold his first car to buy a plane ticket to the desert. There, he found a job at The Original Chop Shop and quickly rose through the ranks to become Shift Leader, the company CFO recognizing Jerome's strong work ethic and fun personality - a winning combination in the foodservice industry. Graduating from ASU in 2019 with a degree in Business Management, the sky is now the only limit for him.


After being introduced to LIFE and the organization's mission by Vice President Tyler Sholl, Jerome found a connection to the organization. "Having dealt with mental health challenges throughout my life, I really connected with LIFE's mission. I liked that they didn't just talk about mental health, they did something to help teach and support people's mental health."

In addition, he had something to offer; digital content. Jerome snaps pictures and videos of many of LIFE's events to use for promotional purposes, providing a valuable resource for the organization while saving on the significant cost.

Transforming Beliefs

When it comes to forming beliefs about our lives, Jerome has an amazing perspective; "Things could have been worse. And they were for a lot of kids I know who grew up in the system. The experience taught me a lot about character development and overcoming hardships. It’s made me a stronger person.”

Join Us

LIFE's mission is founded on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to have sustained happiness and fulfillment in life. L.I.F.E. was designed to help teach self-care, deal with stressors, and maintain wellness and happiness. We believe that if people are supported in their well-being they will optimally perform at their highest performance level. We have an emphasis on supporting frontline workers with our mission. We always have room for those who want to support our mission! Whether it is to volunteer, donate, attend an event, or sponsor our organization, we have room for you.

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