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The Science Behind Praxis and How It Can Help You

While the word praxis might be foreign to you, it's likely that the definition is not. Praxis is defined as "an accepted practice or custom, or an idea translated into action, or something in reality rather than something in theory". In other words, it is physical action applied to a line of thought.

What is the Science Behind Praxis?

In this instance, we want to explore the idea of utilizing praxis to physically change how we think about various ideas. Essentially, using praxis - whether we really believe it - can change our neuropathways, allowing us to really and truly believe over time.

It's a bit like a "fake it 'til you make it" type concept. The more you commit your thoughts and actions to a belief, your brain begins to form new pathways. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to change itself so that those thoughts become a new way of thinking that you will truly feel as well.

Finding Common Ground

During the pandemic, the increase in negativity, division, and politicization has caused an extreme amount of stress for many - especially our health care workers. The idea of praxis is enlightening because it enables us to make significant changes within ourselves that can impact everyone around us.

How to Utilize Praxis

Praxis can be useful in many areas of our lives. Great examples are:

- improving our body images

- cultivating a more positive outlook on the world

- improve a relationship with a friend or family member

- becoming accepting of others, especially those you disagree with

30 Day Challenge

Our challenge to you is to choose a topic or area of your life to focus on for the next 30 days. It can be one of the ideas from above or any other area you want to change or improve.

Next, the challenge is to put action to your thoughts. All of the actions should be in an effort to bring about a positive response to the situation. An example could be to improve your body image, you will repeat a body-positive mantra every time you're feeling low self-esteem. Another could be if you want to improve a relationship, you commit to action each day that fosters a healthy relationship. This could be a phone call, a love note, an act of service, a physical embrace, etc.

Tell Us About It

We hope you decide to try out the praxis challenge - and we want to hear about it! Tag us on social media or email us and let us know:


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