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How Mentorship is Beneficial for All

We're excited to explore the concept of mentorship this month! Our own Dr. Mara Windsor's practice is deeply rooted in striving to be a mentor to her staff, and so we want to share the benefits of this concept in the hopes of encouraging more to seek mentorship.

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is the process that 2+ people engage in in order to learn and grow. A mentor is a more experienced individual, seasoned in an area of life, or life in general really. A mentee is a person hoping to gain knowledge from the mentor.

A typical mentoring relationship is built around the mentor guiding, encouraging, and supporting the mentee's own learning process. Often times the mentor relationship stems from a professional career in which the mentee wishes to grow in their career and seeks guidance in how to do so.

Who Benefits from Mentoring?

This is the beauty of mentoring - everyone benefits from the process!

Mentors gain:

- Satisfaction from helping another person

- Developed leadership skills

- Deeper and more meaningful relationships

- New prospectives

Mentees gain:

- Exposure to new practices, processes, and perspectives

- The ability to communicate and ask questions in a judgment free space

- Improved goal setting techniques

- Personal and professional growth

How Do I Get Started?

The great news is that mentoring comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be one on one, from a distance, or in a group setting. It can be informal or very structured - there are no wrong answers!

If you are looking for a mentor, start with someone who you respect and admire. Ask them if they would be willing to listen to your thoughts and if they would guide you with your questions.

If you are thinking of becoming a mentor, be sure to consider how much time you have to offer someone. Remember above anything else, to always be kind and encouraging!

A Personal Note

Dr. Windsor was kind enough to share this email from a young man that she worked within the Emergency Department. The gentleman was a scribe who reached out to her after being admitted to medical school! It was a full-circle moment and one that everyone can appreciate too:

"Hello, Dr. Windsor! I hope you and your family are doing well during these difficult times. I pray that you and your kiddos are staying healthy! I miss you and working with you! I am incredibly elated to tell you that I have just been accepted to osteopathic medical school and will be starting in a few months! It was a pleasure to work with you at SHEC. I am grateful for these opportunities as these experiences essentially confirmed that osteopathic medicine is the right path for me. You're one of the MAJOR reasons why I wanted to pursue osteopathic medicine. I strive to be just like you one day, not only as a compassionate physician but also as a person of faith always driven by service to the community. I hope to make you proud one day and I hope our paths will cross again!"

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