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Breast Cancer Awareness; Holly Rose's Story and What You Need to Know

We love seeing all of the support for Breast Cancer Awareness in October! Everything from baseball and football players wearing pink, to fundraisers, galas, and runs too are all amazing ways to raise money and awareness of breast cancer. This month, we're honored to share some of Holly Rose's story and how her cancer journey helped to fuel a non-profit to help other women.

Holly's Story

At the age of 39, Holly was scrolling through social media and came across a post from a childhood friend that was encouraging breast self-exams. When Holly played along, she discovered a lump in her breast. The next 9 months would be filled with treatment including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation too.

Check for a Lump

With a childhood friend Kate Kunberger, the non-profit Check for a Lump was born. The mission was to encourage self-exams, but what they found was that they had the potential to reach women currently fighting cancer as well. Wig Out was an extension of the non-profit and provides wigs to women in Arizona who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment. Read more about Holly, her non-profit, and see other testimonials here.

How to Self Exam

Did you know breast self-exams are more than just a physical exam? Checking to see how your breasts look, or changes in how they look is just as important as physically examining them too. Thickening, discharge, dimpling, or even an inverted nipple can be a sign as well. Visit to get step-by-step instructions and other ideas of what you should be looking for early detection.

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