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Mindful Minute: Our Sacred Well-Being

Mindful Minute: Our Sacred Well-Being

Living in Fulfilled Enlightenment is a path that requests mindful practice to your presence. Let's bring our attention to the present moment together in our L.I.F.E. Mindful Minute practice.

In today's Mindful Minute, take the time to remind yourself the value of your well-being. Without taking care of ourselves, we lose the passion and brightness that each of us bring to the world, to the things we do, and the people that we love. In order to contribute the best version of ourselves to the elements that create our lives, we must value the sacred being that we each are and care for our mind, body, and spirit.

Part One:

Setting your intentions - Everyday while brushing your teeth, think of three intentions that you have for your day that will help you present the best version of yourself to your life. These three intentions can be actions that you want to physically do throughout your day or they can even be a mentality that you want to carry throughout your being. Start by saying "Today I am setting myself to be..." and fill in the blank. If you set in your mind what you it is you want to create, it happens!

Part Two:

Find a mantra - There are thousands of mantras out in the world for a reason - because they allow us to remind ourselves of the inner work that we are doing and to bring them to our present moment. Some great mantras that we can use - "I'm doing my best", "I am moving forward", "This is my path", "I am exactly where I need to be". Use a mantra when you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, angry, or stressed. Remind yourself of the work that you are doing to do your best and forgive yourself if you're not there in that present moment. We are human, we make mistakes, and sometimes we just need a reminder of the direction we are headed.

Part Three:

Checking in - Check in with yourself! Ask yourself the easy and tough questions. How am I feeling today? Is there something that I am missing today? Am I pushing myself to do something that does not align with my values and true commitments? Do I need a second to breath? There are a thousand questions that you can ask yourself but the most important part is that we are asking questions and answering them honestly. Once you have your easy and tough answers, act on them.

Part Four:

Breath - Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and take yourself to a place where you can breath easily. Breathing is the essential part of life yet sometimes we forget to cherish the breath that gives us our life. Take time in your day to take five deep breaths where you get to clear your mind and reset. To take another step in this direction you can lead yourself into a short meditation during your day. There are thousands of guided meditations on the internet, Spotify, and YouTube - take advantage of them and clear that beautiful mind of yours!

Part Five:

Commit to your well-being - It seems so simple yet it is a daily challenge to prioritize ourselves. You are the human who gets to create your life everyday. Take care of your beautiful mind, body, and soul so that you can continue to find the life that gives you your purpose. When you are your best self your best life begins to form around you, your actions begin to reflect your intentions, and your relationships are fulfilling.

Make the commitment to chose yourself so you can

purposefully love the life you live.

L.I.F.E.'s Mindful Minute practices serve as a reminder to come to our space to mindfully practice our practice and excel towards a life that we intend to live.

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