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New Year's Resolutions

Hello 2019!

The Best is Yet to Come

Take the new year as a time for renewal, to reset, and drive forward. Although new year's resolutions have their reputation, it is a precious time for us to really evaluate and reflect to see what changes could be made to help us optimize our lives.

Take the time to sit down and really consider what is in your tool box of strategies, resources, and responses. Work on steps of letting go of what is not serving you and invite new opportunities to settle into your routine to push forward to the future you want to see.

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals for yourself: What is a smart goal? Are there such things as dumb goals? Of course not. S.M.A.R.T. goals however are ways that we can set goals for ourselves that sets us up for success of actually achieving what we set out to do.

Specific - What exactly are you looking to accomplish? What is your goal? Where will it take place? How often? Be as specific as you can be when establishing what your goal will be.

Measurable - How will you know when you have met your goal? How will you track the progress of meeting your goal? Measuring our goals allows us to evaluate our goals and our progression towards achieving them.

Achievable - First and foremost, set a goal that you know you can actually achieve. Don't start by setting a goal that you know is not possible, aka setting yourself up for failure. Once you know you can achieve your goal, look at what steps you need to take next towards reaching your goal.

Relevant - Why is your goal important to you? Set a goal that is relevant to your life and relevant to your growth. Choose a goal that is going to really make the impact in your life that you are searching for.

Timely - When do you want to achieve your goal? What can you do today to get closer to meeting your goal. Set a timeframe to your goal. Like a due date, we set our actions towards achieving the goal with time in mind. This gives us the ability to create realistic steps towards achieving our goals in the time that is realistic and beneficial.

Set yourself up for success this year by starting with S.M.A.R.T. goals! Comment below for any goals that you have set for yourself this year.

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