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Mindful Minute: Practicing Identity

​​​​​​​Mindful Minute:

Practicing Identity


Living in Fulfilled Enlightenment is a path that requests mindful practice to your presence. Let's bring our attention to the present moment together in our L.I.F.E. Mindful Minute practice.

Many peoples' actions are a result of their feelings. If we want to live, act, and feel honest to our true identity then we need a new approach to our actions. First begin by choosing the identity and virtue that you are committed to living and acting upon. Once we have committed ourselves to an identity and set of values, chose your actions based upon this commitment.

Choose your identity: I want to be a compassionate person. I will act in a compassionate way. I will feel compassionate.

Your actions should align with your identity. With consistency of these actions and alignment with identity, then our feelings will align with your

mindful identity and virtues.

Practice this by picking your identity; then act in that manner; and you will start to feel that virtue. Practice this daily to reap the benefits.


- If your actions are aligned with anger, then you will feel angry.

- If your actions are aligned with anxiety and reactivity, then you will feel anxious and reactive.

- If your actions are aligned with happiness, gratitude, and confidence,

then your feelings will reflect it.

L.I.F.E.'s Mindful Minute practices serve as a reminder to come to our space to mindfully practice our practice and excel towards a life that we intend to live.

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