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Mindful Minute: Setting Intentions

​​​​​​​L.I.F.E.'s practice

Mindful Minute


Living in Fulfilled Enlightenment is a path that requests mindful practice to your presence. Let's bring our attention to the present moment together in our L.I.F.E. Mindful Minute practice.

How to set empowering intentions: 1) We challenge you to release fear and align with love. Think about the intentions you set for your day. Your intentions create your reality. 2) Identify the area of your life where you are lacking love and flow. 3) Write down your new intention. Say it out loud throughout the day.

4) When you get into a fear cycle say your intention again. Energy flows where your intention goes. 5) Create a symbol for your new intention.

Write it down on a calendar for everyday that you recite your intention.

6) Spend two minutes a day thinking of your intention

and bringing it into focus.

For example, keep your intention calendar near your tooth brush and when you brush your teeth every night or morning use the entire time to visualize your intention happening and coming true which equates to approximately two minutes of time. 7) Intend to do this for 30 days.

You will see it come true sooner then that, but keep it up for 30 days. After 30 days with this intention, feel free to set another one for every 30 days as you desire to. By setting intentions you pave your way, you set yourself up for success.

L.I.F.E.'s Mindful Minute practices serve as a reminder to come to our space to mindfully practice our practice and excel towards a life that we intend to live.

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