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Mindful Minute: What is My Nature?

​​​​​​​L.I.F.E.'s practice

Mindful Minute


Living in Fulfilled Enlightenment is a path that requests mindful practice to your presence. Let's bring our attention to the present moment together in our L.I.F.E. Mindful Minute practice.

Remember who you were when you first arrived in this world? Born with gifts, freedom, expression, and so much of our own beauty. We arrive in this world with birthright gifts and then we spend the first half of our life abandoning them or allowing others to disabuse us of them.

Expectations held by others that are not trying to discern our selfhood but to fit us into categories. We are taught to go away from true self to images of acceptability. Under social pressures our original shape is deformed beyond recognition and we ourselves are often driven to betray true self in order to gain the approval of others.

We are disabused of originally giftedness in the first half of our lives, then if we are awake and aware, we attempt to recover what was lost in the second half of our life. When we lose track of our true self, how can we pick up the trail?

One clue is to look for clues of our younger lives when we were closer to our birth right selves. From the beginning, our lives lay down clues to selfhood and vocation. The clues may be hard to decode but trying to interpret them is profoundly worthwhile especially when we are in our 20's, 30's, or 40's; when we are feeling profoundly lost, having wandered or being dragged far away from our birthright gift.

Those clues are helpful in counteracting the conventional concept of vocation which insists that our lives must be driven by our selfhood. We do not find ourselves by conforming to some abstract moral code but rather by claiming authentic selfhood by being who we are by asking the deepest question of vocation:

Who am I?

What is my nature?

Ask yourself these questions and dive deeper into the divine soul that was brought onto this world. There is reason and purpose behind our selfhood and that is where we find the divine vocation that will lead our lives into the selfhood that we each deserve to live everyday.

L.I.F.E.'s Mindful Minute practices serve as a reminder to come to our space to mindfully practice our practice and excel towards a life that we intend to live.

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