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The Practice of Gratitude: All That We are Thankful for In 2020

As a non-profit that thrives with in-person events, the changes that we had to implement during the pandemic could have been devastating to LIFE! Instead, our team worked tirelessly to quickly pivot strategies in order to continue our work to support frontline providers in a safe way for both donors and recipients. As we looked back over the year, we realized just how much we were able to accomplish! We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with us and we're looking forward to what we'll do in 2021!

PPE Drive

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, personal protective equipment was in short supply. With the help of several volunteers and donors, we were able to make caps and masks for frontline providers,

as well as secure PPE from healthcare providers who were not in immediate need of the supplies.

Healthcare Worker Backpack Giveaway

LIFE was thrilled to partner with MadPax to give away backpacks to the children of frontline providers! This seemingly small gesture was a wonderful way to help out those working on the front lines and give a little sunshine to their families.

Multiple Meal Donations

With the help of The Market by Jennifer, Luci's at The Orchard, the Kimberly Lowe Group, and countless others who helped make lunches, breakfasts, and treats available for the hard-working healthcare workers in several Phoenix emergency rooms.

LIFE Virtual Wellness Crisis Support

Our mission at LIFE is to support our frontline providers with perpetual wellness. However, the pandemic highlighted the need for crisis support for many of our healthcare workers. We were able to assemble an amazing group of individuals with healthcare and counseling backgrounds to create the Virtual Wellness Crisis Support team! In addition, this dedicated team offered the first session

Boulder Creek Firefighters

It's easy to forget that even in the middle of a pandemic, there are other crises happening as well. In the summer of 2020, wildfires raged across Southern California. Many of the firefighters of the Boulder Creek Firefighters in Santa Cruz lost their homes in the fires they were actively fighting. Through our Sip & Shop events at The Market by Jennifer and our LIFE mask sales, we were able to raise $1,000 to be donated to these brave men and women!

Support for Our Teachers

As COVID-19 has continued, we realized that there was a new category of frontline providers; our teachers. As they work to accommodate both in-person and virtual learning, as well as manage the health and safety of their students with a rigorous routine. With donations from our Sip & Shop events as well as sales from our LIFE masks, we were able to donate a Thanksgiving lunch to the teachers of St. Theresa Catholic School! In addition and with the help of Christy Alvarado Designs, Operation Everyone, and the students from St. Theresa, each teacher received a beautiful handmade bracelet. Lastly, each teacher received a $25 gift card to The Market by Jennifer as an early Christmas gift.

Join Us!

We are continuing to evolve our strategy to continue to support our mission, and we can't do it without you! Thank you for the donations of your time, talent, and treasure - it's with your support that we can make great things happen. Cheers to 2021!

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