L.I.F.E. Founder and President:

Mara Windsor, DO, FACEP

Dr. Windsor is a graduate of Midwestern University Medical School AZCOM. She trained in Emergency Medicine (EM) and did her residency at Kingman Regional Medical Center located in Arizona. She currently resides in Paradise Valley and is married with three children and three dogs.


Dr. Windsor has been practicing since 2009 and is currently the EM Clinical Site Director, CME and Education Director, as well as Chief Wellness Officer, for her physician group at HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Hospitals. She is also Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix and Clinical Assistant Professor at Midwestern University AZCOM. As a leader in EM, Dr. Windsor prefers to use her experience and expertise by treating her patients, colleagues, and learners with an all-encompassing approach that focuses on wellness and mentorship. She believes that the teacher and learner should be supported from a point of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness in order to provide patients and learners with the best quality experience. It is with her passion in positive psychology and her undergraduate degree in psychology that she was inspired to become the founding partner of Exxcel Partners, LLC; an organization that supports physician and healthcare wellness. This has also inspired her to become the founder and president of L.I.F.E. (Living in Fulfilled Enlightenment) her nonprofit organization. Both of these organizations focus on supporting the well-being of professionals and members through various wellness, education, and life enhancement opportunities. She believes that in order to reach optimal individual performance a person must be supported in all areas of wellness in a manner that suits their personal needs and strengths. She also teaches elementary children Resiliency courses, Mindfulness Yoga, and Emotional Intelligence as a facilitator of Empowering Steps, LLC. Dr. Windsor transfers these philosophies in her teaching practices which make her unique. She enjoys educating from a state of fulfillment, which allows her to facilitate a new culture of medicine that is caregiver driven resulting in enriched patient experience. She currently serves as a board member of the Arizona Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians and founding chairman of the Wellness Committee for the Arizona Chapter.

L.I.F.E. Vice President: Dr. Kelsie Zehr

Kelsie Zehr, ND, MS, is a student doctor at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She is currently training in Natural Medicine and Integrative Mental Health Science. Dr. Kelsie Zehr chose a life of natural medicine and mental health to combine the elements of physical, mental, and emotional well-being to her practice of medicine. 


In 2017, Kelsie became involved with our organization, L.I.F.E. Through her participation with the community, she felt connected not only to her path of enlightenment but becoming a guide for others to begin and continue their path of enlightenment. Kelsie previously spent two years working in the nonprofit organization HEAL International where she spoke to hundreds of community members both in the United States and in East Africa, Tanzania. Through her work she became a community health facilitator who lead empowering health conversations, specifically speaking to the topic of sexual health and well-being. She instantly became committed to a life of facilitating empowering health of others and the path that each student can find in becoming their fullest potential of mind, body, and spirit. As a leader and member of L.I.F.E. Kelsie is committed to creating a connected experience of enlightenment through health and well-being practices for our community.